The activity of an individual volunteer is a voluntary support of persons from the physical or social environment of the person in need of care.

The services are not provided for gainful employment and not in the person’s own household. They are provided by individual volunteers who are registered with the regional specialist centres for dementia and care in each government district.

The activity may include:

  • Structuring/guidance in everyday life
  • Assistance with household chores

No nursing (e.g. basic care) or housekeeping activities (e.g. gardening and clearing snow) are carried out.

Under the following conditions, an individual volunteer can register in order to be able to provide support in everyday life:

  • The individual volunteer must be at least 16 years old – in the caseof minors, permission must be obtained from their legal guardians.
  • The individual volunteer must be neither related nor related by marriage up to the second degree to the person he/she is supporting – thus, for example, acquaintances, friends or relatives from the third degree (e.g. nephew/niece) are eligible.
  • The individual volunteer does not live in the same household as the person they are supporting.
  • The individual volunteer may not support more than 3 people with a care level per month.
  • The individual volunteer’s expense allowance for the support provided is well below the minimum wage applicable to the activity in question.
  • The individual volunteer has sufficient insurance cover.
  • The individual volunteer is required to register with the specialist centre for dementia and care in the administrative district in which he/she is providing assistance.
  • The individual volunteer, if not a specialist, must complete a free training course (8 teaching units) from a regional specialist centre for dementia and care in Bavaria.

An individual volunteer may support up to 3 people with a care level per month.

If an individual volunteer wishes to work in two administrative districts, he/she must register in both administrative districts (one registration per administrative district).

The expense allowance for an individual volunteer can be reimbursed via the relief amount from the long-term care insurance company of the person with a care level. This amounts to €125/month.

Persons with a care level (from care level 1) in home care are entitled to the relief amount of €125/month according to § 45b of the eleventh book of the German Social Code (SGB XI). The aim of the relief amount is to provide quality-assured benefits to promote the independence and self-determinationof those in need of care and to relieve the burden on caregivers.

The amount is to be used for the reimbursement of expenses of services of

  • day or night care,
  • short-term care,
  • offers of support in everyday life as recognised by the Land as well as
  • outpatient services within the meaning of § 36 SGB XI; in care levels 2 to 5, however, not of services in the area of self-care.

With the registration as an individual volunteer, your offer is considered as an offer of support in everyday life recognised by the Land according to § 45a SGB XI.

No prior application is required in order to claim the relief amount. The costs are reimbursed by the person in need of care submitting the appropriate receipts to the long-term care insurance company. The relief amount can be claimed within the respective calendar year; if the benefit is not exhausted in a calendar year, the unused amount can be carried over to the following calendar half-year.