The institutional identifier is a nine-digit sequence of numbers which conceals a data record. This makes the institutional identifier a unique feature for settling accounts with long-term care insurance companies.

You can apply for the free institutional identifier (Institutionskennzeichen, or “IK”) at the Working Group on Institutional Identifiers (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Institutionskennzeichen, or “ARGE IK”).

The data collection sheet Institutional identifier is to be used for this purpose.

To apply for the institutional identifier, please use the institutional identifier data collection sheet. This can be sent to ARGE IK by post or e-mail. The address can be found on the data collection sheet.

The application for institutional identifiers is a two-step procedure. The first step is to send the completed institutional identifier data collection sheet to ARGE IK.

You will then receive a reply from ARGE IK. In this letter, you will be asked to check the correctness of your data and to confirm it (second step) in order to exclude transfer and transmission errors. After your data confirmation has been received,you will receive the institutional identifier.

Processing usually takes about 8-12 days after receipt.

Please note that the data of the future individual volunteer must be entered in the form. Please do NOT enter the data of the person with a care level whom you would like to support.

You can find a guide for completing the form under ARKE IK – Erläuterungenzum Erfassungsbelege (Explanations on the data collection sheet). Please enter “Individual volunteer” as the type of service settlement (line 4).