Before registering, please check the requirements to see if you can register as an individual volunteer.

Registration as an individual volunteer takes place in 3 steps:

Step 1: Apply for a free institutional identifier with the data collection sheet from the ARGE IK working group.
Step 2: Register for a free training course for individual volunteers at a regional specialist centre for dementia and care in Bavaria.
Step 3: Register via the registration form 

Further information on registration can be found here.

The individual volunteer must be demonstrably qualified according to the target group and activity or complete the required basic training with 8 teaching units of 45 minutes each. The basic training is provided free of charge by the regional specialist centres for dementia and care in Bavaria. You can find the training dates here.

The following persons in particular are considered to be qualified according to target group and activity: 

  • Professional experience of at least two years in one of the areas of social services, health, nursing or home economics
  • Completed training in accordance with § 45a of book eleven of theGerman Social Code (SGB XI) of at least 30 teaching units
  • Caregivers according to § 53b SGB XI (formerly §§ 43b, 53c, 87b SGB XI)
  • At least one year of completed training in the field of social services, health, nursing or home economics
  • completed bachelor’s, diploma or master’s degree course in the fieldof social services, health, nursing or home economics

If a suitable qualification is available, individual volunteer training does NOT have to be completed prior to registration. Proof of qualification must be attached to the registration and will be checked as part of this.

Sometimes the e-mail with the registration confirmation can end up in the spam mailbox. For this reason, please check there first. If you have not received a registration confirmation after 10 working days, please contact the specialist centre for dementia and care in your administrative region.

Your registration as an individual volunteer is limited to three years. You can find the specific period of your registration in your registration confirmation.

Six weeks before your registration expires, you will receive information about the possibility of renewing your registration for a further three years. You will receive this information by e-mail or by letter (if no e-mail address has been provided).

As soon as you confirm the extension, a new registration confirmation will be sent to you.

If no confirmation is received, your registration will be automatically deleted when the registration date expires. Your offer will then no longer be recognised by the Land as an offer of support in everyday life according to § 45a SGB XI. A reimbursement of the expense allowance is no longer possible after your registration has been deleted after the time limit has expired.