The individual volunteer must be demonstrably qualified according to the target group and activity or complete the required basic training with 8 teaching units of 45 minutes each.

Qualification appropriate to target group and activity

    The following persons in particular are considered to be qualified according to target group and activity:

    • Professional experience of at least two years in one of the areas of social services, health, nursing or home economics
    • Completed training in accordance with § 45a of the eleventh book of the German Social Code (SGB XI) of at least 30 teaching units
    • Caregivers according to § 53b SGB XI (formerly §§ 43b, 53c, 87b SGB XI)
    • At least one year of completed training in the field of social services, health, nursing or home economics
    • or a completed bachelor’s, diploma or master’s degree course in the field of social services, health, nursing or home economics

    If you are suitably qualified, you do NOT need to complete an individual volunteer training course beforeregistering. Proof of qualification must be attached at the time of registration and will be verified as part of the registration process.

    Training for individual volunteers

    The basic training with 8 teaching units of 45 minutes each is offered and conducted free of charge by the regional specialist centres for dementia and care in Bavaria.

    You can find the training dates here.

    Training plan

    The training for individual volunteers according to § 82 para. 4 sentence 2 no. 1 of on the implementation of the social laws (AVSG) consists of four topics (since 01.09.2023).

    These are:

    1. Support for people in need of care

    2. Communication

    3. Assistance with household chores

    4. Structure of voluntary work and organisational handling

    A new training plan for individual volunteers has been in place since 01 September 2023. The plan has been adapted and updated to take into account all groups of persons in need of care. In addition, the concept was supplemented by the new topic area four. The number of teaching units of the training (8 units) has remained the same. 

    You can find the new training plan here.

    In addition, the previous training plan is still valid until 31.12.2024 and is currently still being taught.

    For general information on the training, please contact the specialist centre for dementia and care in the administrative region where you would like to provide support.