Please note the requirements for registration as an individual volunteer. Please also note that you may not support more than three people per month.

You can register as an individual volunteer in 3 steps:

1. Apply for institutional identifier

Before registering, please apply for a free institutional identifier with the data collection sheet from the “ARGE IK – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Institutionskennzeichen” (working group on institutional identifiers).

The institutional identifier is a unique feature for settling accounts with the social security institutions (irrespective of whether settlements are made by way of a notice of assignment or not).

2. Register for a training course

Please register for a free individual volunteer training course at a regional specialist centre for dementia and care in Bavaria by providing your name, address, telephone number, email address and date of birth. You can find an overview of the training courses offered in our training dates.

If you are suitably qualified, you do not need to complete a training course for individual volunteers before registering. Proof of qualification must be attached to the registration and will be checked as part of this.

3. Register via the registration form below

You can now register as an individual volunteer using our registration form.